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Finished Work October 2016: Another Hat!

Hats really are one of my favourite things to make – both for myself and other people. I think it’s because they are quick to do, so I get that wonderful ‘ah, finished’ feeling before I have the chance to get distracted and move on to something else. I am ashamed to say I don’t have a great attention span when it comes to crafting, which is probably why ‘the jumper’ is still languishing in one of my WIP bags. Note to self: Must. Finish. Before. Christmas. 


This hat is from a really lovely little crochet book I picked up from The Book People called Ruby & Custard’s Crochet by Millie Masterton. There are so many fab patterns in it I can’t wait to get on and make something else. I am contemplating between some super cute fox mittens for my daughter or a pirate hat for my nephew.


The yarn I used is one I picked up from Ginger Twist Studio which is a fantastic yarn shop in Edinburgh. This particular yarn is Ginger’s Hand Dyed Super Sheep Aran in Selkie. It was a dream to crochet with and the hat is really warm and snuggly. It isn’t overly soft – I don’t really know enough about these things but I think that’s because it’s 100% sheep wool, but please correct me if I’m wrong – but it isn’t scratchy either. And I absolutely adore the colour.


I have quite a big head and I’m a tight crocheter so I think in the future I would use a slightly bigger hook size as the hat is a bit tight. I really should know better by now and just do that before I start any project. One day I’ll learn!

11 thoughts on “Finished Work October 2016: Another Hat!

  1. Lovely hat, that button finishes it beautifully. I wondered about that book as I had to find it in the library where I volunteer for someone who had reserved it. I shall watch for it coming back in. Thanks for writing about r.

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