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Super scrummy yarn

This post is one that I planned to write months ago and I feel pretty dreadful that I haven’t managed to write it until now as it is a thank you post to Joey over at Little Black Dogsa. She ran a yarn giveaway competition a few months ago to celebrate her blog being 4 years old and gave away some South African yarn to a few lucky people, me being one of them. If you have never checked out her blog before then I highly recommend that you do. She showcases some beautiful South African and international yarns on her page – the sort that have you itching to go out and buy some of it yourself. She is a very accomplished crafter and I love seeing some of things she has made. The name of her blog is a reference to her little dog who pops up now and again too. Head on over and enjoy.

Just look at that colour!

I never win anything. Ever. So I was pretty delighted to learn I was going to be the recipient of this beautiful yarn. Originally when I saw it on Joey’s page I thought I would use it to make a hat for my son (it is blue. I try not to gender-stereotype. Sometimes I fail). But then it arrived. Yeah, this yarn is not being wasted on something that will be pulled off my son’s head the second it touches it. It is truly yummy, scrummy yarn. Soft and squishy with black and golden flecks through it. This yarn is for me. I might not win any parenting awards. I don’t quite frankly care.


The only thing I’m at a loss about is what to make with it. My go-to project would normally be a hat but I have more of them than I know what to do with and would like to branch out a little. So I am looking for some suggestions and, if possible, some links to patterns. I have 100g of yarn, it is DK with a recommended needle/hook size of 3.5-4.5mm.

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Super scrummy yarn

  1. What about making a lacy cowl with the it? You could find a pattern that’s knit length-wise like a scarf and then grafted, which would use up most if not all of the yarn. Or you could wing it and pick a stitch pattern, like feather and fan, do a temporary cast-on, knit until your almost out of yarn and graft.

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  2. I opened your page this morning, and for a moment I thought: Those look very familiar! Wow. Thank you. I am so glad you love them. Reading the comments of magdeface, I totally agree on the suggestion. It will look so pretty, and if lacy, it wont be heavy at all. Great idea.
    Have fun and enjoy!
    Happy weekend. 🙂


    1. I really love them! I am going to look into it. I have never knitted a shawl or lace before so it will be a bit of a challenge for me but I’m quite excited by the idea! I’ll definitely put a post out when I have finished. Have a great weekend x

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