Mental Health

Hello out there

Hi all I hope you are all well. I haven’t posted anything for AGES. Lots been going on here – some significant things (had another baby. Girl, 4 months!), some just everyday life (getting up and out to school on time!). Just living my life like we are all doing. And then Coronavirus happened. On the one hand it is absolutely awful, especially for people who have lost loved ones, or their jobs and livelihoods are at risk. On the other hand, I have never seen anything unite a global community before like this. Yes there has been the desperate panic buying as we try to gain some control in the chaos, but there has also been outpourings of love and support. That being said, the increased social isolation we have been asked to adopt may start to take its toll on all of us. I have therefore set up a Facebook group called Mental Health Support – a place to share advice, ask questions, and help us all to feel not quite so alone.

Including myself, there are a few Clinical Psychologists and other mental health professionals on there who will be able to offer informal support and guidance. It isn’t therapy and should definitely not replace any ongoing supports people have in place for their mental health needs. But it should hopefully be somewhere where you can get a little bit of extra help, which in times like these, is never a bad thing. I have posted the link to the group below. Come along and join our community.

Aileen ❤

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