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Is there anything more annoying that an unused handmade gift?!

I don’t know about anyone else but the vast majority of things I have knitted and crocheted have been for other people. I like to think people appreciate something that you’ve put time and effort into making. But am I alone in getting slightly miffed when they’re not used?! I’ve made countless scarves that I’ve never seen people actually wear – my sister admittedly pointed out it was summer when I asked why she’d never worn the 100% wool super chunky scarf I’d made for her.  And my parents also pointed out that, as nice as my hot water bottle covers were, they don’t actually use hot water bottles, given they have an electric blanket (I probably should have remembered this seeing as it was my job to turn it on when I still lived at home ). And ok, I might have been a bit irrational when I said to my daughter in despair “do you know how long this took me to make?!” after she point blank refused to try on the latest jumper I had made for her. She was 15 months at the time and, whilst being reasonably bright, still hadn’t quite grasped the concept of time… Nor did she really care that it was made with 100% baby alpaca yarn that cost the Earth to buy.

But still, do they not all know the time and effort it took to make?! Surely this means they should be worn/used at all times?!

So, am I alone in this? Do other people get frustrated? Even if, like me, you’re sometimes (and when I say sometimes, read generally) being completely irrational?

On that note, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of my handmade gifts. Feel free to post some of your own. Aileen x


5 thoughts on “Is there anything more annoying that an unused handmade gift?!

  1. Dear Aileen, the first thing you knitted was a blue scarf for Matias Alaric when he was a baby. That scarf was worn and worn and worn, washed and ashes and washed, passed down to his little brother and devastatingly lost this Easter somewhere between Gatwick airport and Roche. There are countless photographs of the boys wearing that scarf. Keep knitting, keep writing. Much love, Auntie Teresa

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