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Finished Work October 2015: Stretchy Shopping Bag

In my post Let’s Talk About Depression I wrote about how I had been feeling quite low for a couple of months and, as such, had stopped crafting. As I always have a few different projects on the go at once, it meant that I had a pile of unfinished ones, taking up lots of room on my couch (and my cupboards. And knitting bag. And shelves. You get the picture). So my pledge had been to finish one of them and post a picture of it.  Well I’ve managed to finish not just one of them, but start and finish two more as well!

First up was my Super Stretchy Shopping bag. The pattern is from Crochet: The Complete Step by Step Guide. In Scotland, especially with the introduction of the 5p charge for one-use bags, everyone is increasingly using their own bags (we’re nothing if not frugal), so I figured I might as well have something pretty to carry my shopping in. Also it makes me think of Farmers’ Markets and independent shops and I’d like to be the sort of person who shops in those places. Alas, I’m more of a Sainsbury’s girl…

20151020_1101492015-10-20 11.50.5720151020_110658

I don’t know how many hours in total I spent making it, as it was done over a few months, but it was quite a soothing project in its repetitiveness. I am sure there are a ton of mistakes in there, but I think that adds to it. That’s what I’m telling my super-perfectionist self anyway…  For the straps, I doubled the number of rows suggested in the pattern, but that’s because I’m a really tight crocheter. In total, I used 7 balls of Drops Big Merino in Forest Green to make it.

My other 2 finished projects are some crochet Witches Hats for my daughter and niece. I have written about the first one (with the pumpkin stripe) in my post Pattern Review: Corina’s Wicked Wizard Witches Hat and the second one with the spiderweb I finished yesterday (you can get the pattern from HERE).


It has felt great to finish some projects. Hopefully I’ll get a few more done before the baby arrives in 8 weeks and crafting is put firmly on the back-burner again!

Aileen x

6 thoughts on “Finished Work October 2015: Stretchy Shopping Bag

  1. Hiya. I also have depression and also love to crochet! I had the same problem as you, so many unfinished projects… I still do really. But you have inspired me to crack on with it! Thank you! 😀 I absolutely love the bag! I have a crochet blog and a depression blog. I hope you’re feeling well today.
    Anneka. 🙂 X


    1. I’m glad you’re feeling inspired! I’m going to head over to your page to see some of your work. I’m feeling a lot better since I wrote the original blog post on depression thank you. It seems crafting really is good for the soul! x


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