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Whilst I love actual yarn shops as they give you the opportunity to see and feel your yarn, and I think it’s always good to support local business when you can, for practical reasons I do also buy a lot of my yarn and accessories online. Sometimes it also works out a bit cheaper too (although I tend to buy in bulk to save on delivery so probably would spend less if I went to a shop!) As people have often asked where they can buy yarn, I thought I would do a post on some of the places you can buy it online. I’ve categorised them into ones I have used myself, ones that have been recommended by others, and ones I have heard of but never used. If anyone has any more recommendations, please add to the list in the comments section. Aileen x

Retailers I Have Used They have an extensive collection of yarn, with free delivery on orders over £25. Very quick and reliable. A similar collection to loveknitting (and always worth doing a bit of a compare and contrast as there can be differences in the price). Also free delivery on orders over £25. Very quick and reliable. A relatively new company, their aim is to sell a range of materials for different crafts (e.g. knitting, crochet, sewing). They are still building up their stock, but they have some nice yarns and fabrics. They were quick, reliable and have free delivery on orders over £35. I had never considered buying yarn on ebay but I was looking for Sirdar Snuggly, and got 8 balls on here for less than I would have paid elsewhere. But there will generally be delivery costs, so worth working out if it’s cheaper per ball when you factor that in. Amazon also sell yarn and materials.

Recommended Retailers They have a fairly wide selection of yarns with free delivery on orders over £25. Quality custom-made hand-dyed yarn, which makes them unique but a bit pricier. No returns as custom-made and there is a delivery charge. They appear to sell more affordable yarn with free deliveries on orders over £25. I found their website a little tricky to navigate though. They sell high quality yarn which is therefore a little pricier but looks lovely. I couldn’t see any info on delivery charges.

The Great Unknown They appear to have a range of yarns with free delivery on orders over £40. Affordable yarn, free delivery on orders over £25 Family run craft business, selling a range of yarns. No info on delivery. Quality British yarn, no info on delivery.

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