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What do you mean it’s been 4 months?!

I have a question: how many weeks/months need to go by before you have to reference that you haven’t written anything in a while?  A week, a month?  I honestly don’t want to start every post with “sorry I’ve not written in a while”.  But I think I need to acknowledge this one as it has been 4 months (4 months!) since I’ve written anything.  4 months ago I was also in the process of updating my England classes post, which I abandoned mid-update.  Sorry to everyone who has clicked on it and been met with disarray – I’ll get on it asap.  Real life has had to take priority and I haven’t had a lot of spare time to blog, read the blogs I follow or check out any of my new followers – sorry, will also rectify that asap!  I have also missed my second blogiversary, although that’s probably just as well, as my shameful lack of posts in the last year would have just embarrassed me…  Anyway, I have a spare half an hour whilst my son naps and my daughter watches Cbeebies (it’s educational…) so thought I would write a quick post.

I’ve managed to work on a few things over the last few months.  First up is a scarf for my brother.  He left the last one I gave him in a taxi – I think he’d had a beer or ten – and asked for another which I gave him for his birthday.  It’s a reversible scarf with plenty of lovely cables for me to get my teeth into.  The pattern is available for free from Ravelry (It’s called Chunky Cable Scarf by Karen Muller – you can find a link to the pattern HERE).  I used 3 balls of Drops Andes and it knitted up in a few days – probably quicker if I’d had more time to dedicate to it.

I also started a cushion for my little boy to go with the one I have done for my daughter. I need to finish off crocheting the base, sew some material over the cushion so that the white doesn’t shine through, and make it up.  It’s made with recycled t-shirt yarn, which is pretty fun to crochet with although takes a bit of getting used to.  At the moment it looks like an over-sized hat, but I’m hoping it will flatten down when I insert the cushion. Fingers crossed….  The patter is from Crochet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide.

Oversized hat, sorry, cushion

I have also knitted a bolero for my daughter.  All that remains is to sew it up and block it, but these are by far my least favourite activities, so I am procrastinating.  The pattern was supposed to come with long sleeves, but my daughter has mini melt-downs whenever we try to put long sleeves on her (really not worth the battle), so I decided to do them short.  The pattern is from a book by Sirdar called Little Sweet Peas (332).

Why can’t they just sew themselves up?

I also started crocheting a blanket for myself.  I wanted to work on something new but wasn’t sure what and was flicking through my book Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench and came across this pattern which I liked.  It’s actually for a scarf but I decided to just add a few repeats to make it a blanket. It’s about 5 times wider than the picture below. I wouldn’t necessarily have gone with this colour, but it’s what I had to hand.  However, my enthusiasm was a bit dashed when my husband came in and pointed out I was using the yarn that I had bought to make his jumper (which I still haven’t finished. I started it over a year ago.  Whoops).

The ill-fated blanket


I was suitably guilted into abandoning the blanket and carrying on with the jumper.  I’m on the second sleeve and then only have the collar, sewing up and blocking to go – so it will no doubt be at least another year before it’s finished.

Second sleeve

So that’s what I’ve been working on – what about you?


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