Hi, my name is Aileen and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I’m a (youngish) mum of two, a Clinical Psychologist in my day job, and, when I get the time, an avid knitter and hooker (in the crochet sense of the word…).  I started knitting as my brother in law bought me some yarn and needles for my 30th, and I fell in love with it. As a not particularly creative person I really like how you can make some wonderful creations just by following a pattern. I get very excited when I start a new project to see how it will unfold. I get even more excited when I am buying yarn and am currently in danger of turning our living room into a veritable yarn shop…

When I first started to learn to knit, I went to a local knitting group which was fantastic for learning and meeting other like-minded people. But then I fell pregnant, we moved house, and then we had a small baby who took up most of our time. (I had also developed horrible carpal tunnel so had to have a break from crafting for a while). When I got back into it, I decided to set up a Facebook page as a place for knitters and crocheters to share tips, ask questions and show off their handy work (Knitters in Glasgow, East Ren & Beyond) I have really enjoyed doing the page. I try to find useful links and share patterns that I think other people will be interested in. Doing the page has also encouraged me to learn to crochet – a different skill from knitting but one I equally enjoy. And then someone suggested I write a blog (it’s par for the course these days, surely?!) so here it is! Thanks to Kath from the Facebook page who suggested the name.

I will try to share handy links, let people know about events and share some patterns. Although I am Glasgow-based, I’m happy to share/search for information for any area. If I have knitted/crocheted a pattern myself, then I will share any tips I have. There will also be some of my knitting/crochet musings, but I’ll try to keep these short and interesting! If anyone has any suggestions for things they’d like to see then please let me know. I’d love to hear from you! Aileen x

The Formal Bit!

All photographs are my own unless otherwise stated.

All material is copyright of Knitters and Hookers. I am more than happy for people to share info from the blog, but please link back or credit it if you do. Thanks!

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  1. Hi – Lovely blog you have too. Just realised you are a mummy and not a grandma so big congrats to you (after all you and my daughter are at the hard work end of child rearing). Hope all is well with you. Moke xxx (PS Have you read The Twisted Yarn blog? she is a clinical pyschologist too with toddler twins).

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  2. Hi, I discovered your website last night and think it’s brilliant. I too am a youngish mum of two, a 4 year old and an 8 month old and live in Glasgow. I would love to learn to knit but am struggling to find any classes or groups that could maybe help me. I don’t know whether it’s possible to learn some basics from a book. Do you have any recommendations?

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    1. Hi thank you so much for commenting. I haven’t had much chance to post anything in the last little while but I am hoping to get back to it soon! I have put a list of some books I found helpful in my Reviews section (the stitch and bitch one I found particularly helpful). If you live near the Yarn Cake in the west end, they hold knit nights on a tuesday and thursday which is where I went along to when I first started. It’s free to go along, and is a drop in, but they like you to purchase something from the cafe. The Queen of Purls in the saltmarket also do knit nights. I’m going to be updating my classes posts soon too (when I get the chance!) so you can check that out too. I am also hoping to start a night myself somewhere in the South Side. If you’re interested then PM me on my facebook page and I’ll let you know if I ever get it organised! http://www.facebook.com/glasgowknitters 🙂


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