Updated Classes/Workshops Posts

I have recently updated all of my classes/workshops posts around the UK and Republic of Ireland.  If you’re looking to learn something new in either crochet or knitting, then click on the links for more information. If anyone would like me to include other classes in the posts, please comment below! Knitting & Crochet Workshops/Classes:… Continue reading Updated Classes/Workshops Posts

Works In Progress

What do you mean it’s been 4 months?!

I have a question: how many weeks/months need to go by before you have to reference that you haven’t written anything in a while?  A week, a month?  I honestly don’t want to start every post with “sorry I’ve not written in a while”.  But I think I need to acknowledge this one as it… Continue reading What do you mean it’s been 4 months?!

Works In Progress

Can I wear fox mittens too?

I hope that this post finds people well.  Over in my little corner of the world, things have been quite busy.  My little boy turned one and recently started walking – first shoes bought yesterday! – so I am preparing myself for mayhem ahead.  We have been having some work done on our house, replacing… Continue reading Can I wear fox mittens too?