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Can I wear fox mittens too?

I hope that this post finds people well.  Over in my little corner of the world, things have been quite busy.  My little boy turned one and recently started walking – first shoes bought yesterday! – so I am preparing myself for mayhem ahead.  We have been having some work done on our house, replacing the roof and adding a sunroom.  It will be great when it’s finished, but who knew there was so much dust in the world?! Not ideal when you have two young children.  We are still sorting through my father-in-law’s house, which is emotionally and physically draining.  There are so many things that we have found in cupboards which we assume had some significance to my father- or mother-in-law, but unfortunately he never told us why they were kept. So we have been faced with the prospect of giving or throwing them away, or taking them to our house, where they will most probably be put, and remain, in a cupboard here. I know my husband is finding the decision as to what to do with them difficult.  It was also our first Christmas without him, which as you can imagine was very hard, especially as he would have been 72 on Christmas Eve.  But we got through it, thanks in part to the support from my family who made sure there was lots of laughter and joy, in amongst the sadness.

I have also managed to do a little bit of knitting and crochet. I crocheted a pirate hat for my nephew, which he absolutely loved and wore with pride to the pirate day at his daycare.  The crossbones are a little wonky, but I was quite happy with the end result.  If you fancy doing one yourself, you can get the pattern from Ruby & Custard’s Crochet.

Shiver me timbers! Or something…

I also made a pair of fox mittens from the same book for my 3 year old which are super cute (I really want to make some for me. Just need to work out how to increase the size first!).  Unfortunately, a couple of days wearing them in nursery, and they’re less orange, more mud.  But nothing that a quick wash shouldn’t fix. I hope.

I want some

Next up was a scarf for my daughter.  If you want to give it a go, it’s called the Persephone scarf and you can get the pattern HERE. I had actually hoped to make it a bit longer, but realised that she was in very grave danger of developing hypothermia as it was taking so long and I point blank refused to buy her one (why buy when you can make?!), so I decided to just stop.  I haven’t sewn the ends in yet as I may still go back to it. Possibly. When I get the chance. But probably won’t (see my many works in progress for evidence.  I’ve started hiding them in the cupboard so they stop taunting me).

Persephone Scarf

Anyway, back to projects I have actually managed to complete.  We met up with a good friend of mine in New Zealand and I decided to make him a scarf as he’s hard to buy for. Unless I was willing to buy him a motorbike. I wasn’t. I reckon a scarf was a good second choice. If you fancy giving it a go, you can find the pattern HERE – it’s filled with lovely cables which are my absolute favourite thing to knit.

Celtique Scarf

I realised that I hadn’t made anything for my son and felt a little (read: a lot) guilty.  So I decided to make him some small boots to keep his feet warm outside. You can get the pattern HERE. They were very quick and easy to make, but aren’t the best at staying on.  But it helped my guilt a little that I had at least done something for him (poor second child. His baby book is languishing empty on a shelf. Must do something about that soon…)


Finally, I made a pouffe for my daughter. It’s much smaller than I had hoped.  It’s more of a cushion really but she loves it.  I got the pattern from Crochet: The complete step by step guide. Now I just need to do her brother’s…

The pouffe cushion

10 thoughts on “Can I wear fox mittens too?

    1. Thank you. It was the culmination of a few month’s work, so maybe not quite as prolific as it might look! The pattern said for an 8mm hook, but I used a 12mm one if memory serves. I am quite a tight crocheter thought. The pouffe cushion I bought from Love Knitting, was the recommended diameter (15 3/4 inches) but wasn’t deep enough. I’d recommend trying to get one with depth as well as it really does just look like a cushion, and not much like the picture on the pattern! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the info, Aileen. 🙂 Yes, I really like how much depth your pouffe has! (what one looks for in a good pouffe). It looks so plush and just wonderful. Looking forward to more knitting/crocheting news!

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