Useful Knitting/Crochet Links

My Favourite Pattern Pages

This entry is dedicated to pages I’ve come across that have wonderful (generally free) patterns on them. I will update it as I come across new pages. Please feel free to add your own in the comments sections. Aileen x Now most people who have been knitting or crocheting for a while will have a Ravelry account. I think it’s a right of passage or something… But if you’re new to either craft, then I highly recommend you set up an account. It’s free and there are thousands of patterns on it both paid and free. This also has a database of various knitting and crochet patterns, although not quite as extensive as Ravelry. It is easy to navigate and there are some lovely patterns on it. There are some absolutely lovely patterns on this page, which includes loads of crochet and knitting patterns for all ages. I have made the cabled Little Red Riding Slippers and have a few more in my ever-growing queue. It is affiliated with Drops yarn, however, you don’t need to use this (although personally I love Drops) and could use the website to find alternative yarns. I absolutely love this lady’s page. The crochet owl hat image attached to this post is one of her designs. She is also happy for you to sell your finished work, as long as you link back to her page. I happened upon this page when I was looking for a pattern for a cowl like the one worn by Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games films (Which I’ll obviously carry off as well as she did…) She also has some lovely crochet hat patterns. And she’s happy for you to sell your finished work if you link back to her page. This page has a load of ideas for arm knitting patterns (knitting with your arms instead of needles), and links to some videos if you’ve never tried it before. Definitely worth giving a go – super quick and really easy once you get the hang of it. This lady has both paid and free patterns. I have made the R2D2 hat for my husband and for my friend’s kids (read into that what you will). She does not want you to sell the finished product though. There are tons of patterns on this page. And the thing I like about it, is that it includes vintage patterns that you might not be able to source elsewhere. I have made the slouch cable hat from this page, which was the first thing I knitted on circular needles, and was easy to do (I highly recommend using the yarn she suggests – it was lush to knit with). She also has some other patterns, both paid and free. You have to sign up to access the patterns on this page but there are some lovely ones to download. This lady’s blog is wonderful. She has loads of patterns, loads of tutorials and she sells yarn. I would quite like to be her.

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