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I’m off on holiday tomorrow and the last few days have been pretty busy trying to get everything organised – so much harder when you have to organise yourself and two little ones!  I’m still finishing up my packing (and we have to leave the house in 5 hours as flight is at 6am!) but thought I would do a quick post whilst I took a breather.

As always, an essential part of my packing was deciding what WIPs I was going to take on holiday with me.  Now, I have to be honest with you – I’m an over-packer in all things.  A true “but what if I need this woolly jumper?!” even when we’re going somewhere that is going through a heatwave.  You. Just. Never. Know.  And I’m a bit like that when deciding what projects to take with me too. Normally I take at least 5 WIPs. Generally I’m lucky if I work on one.

So, this time I thought I would just take one.  It feels a bit rock and roll.  The lucky project is my husband’s jumper which has been languishing in one of my WIP bags.  I’m hoping to at least get a side done (although I’ve packed enough yarn to do the whole thing. Sometimes I forget I have two small children).

I’ll update you with my progress on my return!

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